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In fact, Pennsylvania is the only state in the union that allows its residents to register to vote -- or change your party affiliation -- online from start to finish!

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania doesn't have open primaries, which means that voters who are not registered Democrats do not have a direct influence in determining which candidate in Philadelphia will almost certainly prevail in the general election. Closed primaries are less fair, and thus less democratic.

PA’s 200th legislative district, which covers Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy and Oak Lane, is where I live, work and serve when I’m not working with my compatriots in Harrisburg to protect our commonwealth from right-wing extremism.

That said, I believe that all voices should be heard in the electoral process, and I have introduced legislation in my first term to strengthen our participatory democracy through inclusive electoral and voting rights reforms.

Further, shortly after I won the 2016 Democratic primary, I joined an independent voter effort to reinstate fusion voting, which was the right of Pennsylvania’s voters until 1937, allowing voters irrespective of party to make their collective voices count in every election!

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And if you want to assert your First Amendment right this election cycle, please click here to switch your party affiliation (then if you want to, switch back after May 15th)!

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The last day to register, change your party affiliation or update your info is Tuesday, April 16th!